Morning, Late October

Morning, Late October

Morning, Late October

Dark morning, frost on the grass, a chill in the air. In a week or so, the clocks will be turned back an hour, so we start the day an hour later, and brighter.

I used an extra colour this time – Olive Green – making it 4 colours instead of my usual 3 (Yellow Ochre, Olive Green, Permanent Rose, Cobalt Blue plus black and white). I use a secondary when the resultant mixing of the primaries does not produce a particular colour. Olive Green is a deep, transparent ‘organic’ green. I placed it in a very solvent-rich layer on top of the wet sky colour. The transparency works very well. The lighter sky colour shines through the rich dark green. The green from the Ochre and Cobalt (used in this session) would not have worked without the addition of black, giving a greyish colour.

The size is 14.5″ x 11″ and was painted in a single session of about 2 hours.

Here’s the painting process, see you soon.


6 thoughts on “Morning, Late October

  1. brrr ….
    brrr …. it’s already cold in your country ……
    I love this picture, especially the purple sky and the big tree on the left.

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