February Marsh

February Marsh

February Marsh

Highlight colour usually contains white. The more white the lighter the tone, the weaker the colour. I used very little white in these foreground colours in order to get rich colour. The dark colourless shapes of the trees on the right emphasises this colour. Notice the transparent under colour layer of blue also in here using colour contrast to help emphasise the richness of the colour. To see these details click on the picture above to see an enlarged version.

The size is 16.5″ x 12″ and was painted in a single ‘wet on wet’ session in about 2 hours. This painting uses only 3 colours (Cadmium Yellow, Alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine Blue) plus black and white. There is no medium used, only White Spirits.

Here is the video of the painting process. To view in realtime change speed setting to .25. Quality can also be set up to 1080HD. See you soon.


3 thoughts on “February Marsh

      • I know what you mean. Especially as we get closer to spring it seems things get very dull and brown. Not the clear deep winter colors and not the light spring colors. It’s easy to overlook richer tones that are there and also the flashes of intense color. I’m thinking of red branches on a bush in my yard I noticed today- easy to pass over in the overall scheme.

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