‘May Chills’ – another 2 part painting

The last painting (here) was in 2 parts. The first part included sky and horizon and was allowed to dry before finishing. For a beginner this makes the task a little easier if trees and foliage are to be painted onto the sky. Painting delicate branches and leaves onto a wet sky does not allow […]

A two part painting

My ‘time lapse painting’ videos usually feature a single session work completed in 1 or 2 hours. This is more to facilitate the video process than preferring this method. This single session painting method (sometimes referred to as ‘All Prima’) has several limitations and can be frustrating for a beginner. If you use these YouTube […]

The Emergence of Green

Its not an overnight event, the greening of the landscape, but a gradual emergence. Its more interesting for a painter than the later green overload we get in this part of the world. This was painted on a piece of scrap oil painting paper. I’m awaiting a supply of my usual ground which is a prepared canvas […]

Absolute Basics for Beginners

There is so much information available, especially on-line regarding oil painting, its important to set the scope of this discussion. The primary focus is to get the beginner started. Its easy to become swamped by information, some contradictory, and abandon the whole idea. The profile of the person it’s aimed at is as follows. You […]