Time lapse painting – Picnic in the Wood

Picnic in the Wood

This is a very small painting and the brushes used were relatively large. I have recently decided to resist using small brushes to paint in small details. This forces me to suggest details which, I think, is more in keeping with the overall method used in the painting. For more info on this painting see previous post.


12 thoughts on “Time lapse painting – Picnic in the Wood

  1. Hi Liam,
    I had such a hard day at “the office” today, and it was so nice to come home and watch the Picnic in the Wood emerge before my eyes – (with Kitty on my lap watching with me the whole time!). The painting is lovely, and you are quite right about these videos being works of art – and a new form of performance art -in themselves.

    • I know what you mean about ‘hard days’. This time of year is crazy for our business. Schools open after holidays, businesses back in action and ‘rearing to go’. Painting is a great escape. You know, since I started recording the painting process, its actually more enjoyable?? The end product of effort is now more than just a coloured rectangle of canvas. Its like painting with friends, something I used to do, many, many years ago. Technology is great and ‘the times they are a’ changing’. Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Hi Liam
    Thanks for ‘liking’ my recent post, oh fellow wordpress blogger. I am enthralled by your work, especially as I am just an egg when it comes to video. Beautiful work and it has kept me up even later just watching it. Thank you.

  3. Liam, the comments on using a large brush for small paintings is very intriguing. I have tried various methods from using a credit card, match book or q-tip to paint with. The stroke becomes a part of the art as well. I love the video and can’t wait to read more posts.

    • Thank you for your comment. Recently, I have become more interested in ‘the hand of the artist’, by which I mean the obvious signs of working the piece. I don’t mean to downgrade the fantastic technology available in applications like Photoshop, but direct hand contact is special. Thanks again.

  4. Hi Liam. Thanks for stopping by my site. I really like the time lapsed photography of your work. I think this is fascinating to watch because you are applying layers of color to build your painting and add depth. I could learn from this even though I am working in water color pencils.

  5. Thanks for you interest, and wow your videos add so much more depth to the painting, though mentally we may not know where it came from physically we can see for our selves.. .. .. … .

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