The Colour of Winter – Time Lapse Painting

The Colour of Winter

I haven’t had much time to paint or do anything else over the last few days. We were in Bavaria in southern Germany to check out our latest grandchild (see the little mite here). I thought the weather was cold in Ireland. Its not, compared to the breeze coming down from the Alps. It was snowing when we arrived but improved a little as the days went by.

Here is the video of the painting here. I will be back painting in a day or two, as soon as I thaw out. See you then.


11 thoughts on “The Colour of Winter – Time Lapse Painting

    • This is good. I would hope seeing the process (even speeded up) in its entirety would dispel some of the mystery which is woven into the process. I would love to think I was even partially responsible in getting another artist motivated.

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